1919 - 2001

Recognized 2000 

Buried in Anykščiai cemetery,

Anykščiai, Lithuania

Graveyard coordinates:
55,51  42 68 (š. pl.)

25,08 91 67 (r. ilg.)

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From Rimantas Vanagas' article:
In 1996, former Max Curtis Kurtis (Motel Kurickis) visited Lithuania. He hoped to find a woman who took him in 1941, when he escaped from the grave through a miracle. Max called her Verutka. As soon as he arrived, he approached the Anykščiai Museum asking to help him find that savior? The same evening Vida Zasienė said: Yes, there is such a woman, alive and sparkling!
The next day Max was already standing in the yard of Verutė Misiūnaitė-Kalinkienė homestead, still not able to believe that this little surprisingly blue-eyed woman is the same girl, who opened her door for him ... Both smiled - and weeped, looking at one another. A little later Veronika Kalinkienė told me:
"… I remembered it was Sunday, my aunt came to the guests, she talked to my mother, sympathised with the Jews, that they could all killed, only suddenly we hear - something crying outside! Look at our familiar Anykščiai - the close Jewish neighbours brought to the graves Max's father and a farmstead seller and told them both to dig a grave. Max's father was a simple Jew, had a horse and a carriage, carried people to the train station and back, fwhy are they doing this?!.
Then a night came and someone knocked on our door; I asked what was there, and I heard Max's voice: let me in, it's me Max… I was very scared of blood, and when I saw Max's bloody hand, I fell of; When I looked back - Max was gone! Where are you, I shouted? He responded from the chamber. He fell into the straws and couldn't get out ...
I can not say exactly how much he stayed with us - maybe two, maybe three weeks. Well, I underwent through a lot! Once I saw a men coming to our house with a rifle; what, I asked, do you need? And he responded  "here are dozens of us, we are huntig Jews who have escaped into the cemetery" So I tricked them out of the house. But they used to come often.
When my brother-in-law realised that we were hiding a Jew, he made scolded me that Germans could kill the whole family; then Max retreated through the rye field back home. Then, I heard, he came together with Kac, who, with his two boys, had also escaped from the grave. They hid all four in Jurzdike, in the bathhouse, and went out for a walk only at night. But one night they hit the white stripes, and they shot Kaca at once; when the children fell to their father crying, they shot them as well. Oh Max - but a lucky man he was! - he escaped; later, people told me that he had reached the ghetto of Daugavpils, where his brothers of destiny were gathered.
And right now, in our time… A woman runs to me asking if i am Verutka? I reply that no one calls me that anymore! No, she says, he calls - one man from America…. Alive, found me… ”
Motl Kuricki (later Max Curtis)
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Jonas Gencevičius
Lev Šifrin
Izrail Šifrin
Nicolas Ortiz
Gediminas Kemeklis
Reuven Taibel