1922 - 2014

Recognized 1992 

Buried in Daniliškės cemetery,

Vilnius, Lithuania

Graveyard coordinates:
54,61 37 40 (š. pl.)

25,12 75 59 (r. ilg.)

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More information will be available soon
More information will be available soon
Juozas (b. 1910) and Zofija (Zosė) Simokaitis lived in Kaunas. Before the war, Simokaitienė and Mina Leibzon were teachers in the same school. In November 1943, when the Leibzons heard of the children’s Aktion in the Šiauliai ghetto, and fearing a similar fate, they looked for ways to save their children, 13-year-old Ada and seven-year-old David. They appealed to their former colleagues and friends in the city, among them, Simokaitienė. She was the only one who was not deterred by the risk involved, and after consulting her husband she agreed to help the Leibzons. The Simokaitises bribed the ghetto guards and Leibzon succeeded in leaving the ghetto, together with her children. Since it was dangerous to remain in Kaunas, the Simokaitis  found alternative hiding places for Leibzon and her children outside the city. They decided to send Leibzon and her son to Simokaitienė’s parents who lived in the village of Žemalė, and Antanas Boguslauskas, Simokaitienė’s younger brother, accompanied Leibzon and her son on their perilous journey to Žemalė. At one of the train stations, during a routine check of papers, Leibzon’s identity card aroused the policemen’s suspicions, and it was only thanks to Boguslauskas’s vigilance that she managed to evade arrest. Ada was moved to the village of Naujatriobiai, to the home of Simokaitis’s sister Petronelė Zasimauskienė, and her husband, Stasys Zasimauskas. Where she was warmly received. Although she knew Lithuanian well, Ada’s accent later aroused some suspicion and the Zasimauskases made sure that their neighbors would not see her. The day before the liquidation of the ghetto, Mina Leibzon’s husband, Efraim, managed to find shelter in the Simokaitises home, and remained in hiding until the arrival of the Red Army. Two months later, Simokaitis went to fetch Leibzon and her children, and brought them back to Kaunas where they were reunited with Efraim. The rescued and the rescuers maintained a close relationship for many years. In the 1990s, Ada (by then Kantorovich) immigrated to Israel.
Mina Leibzonienė
Dovydas Leibzonas
Leibzonu seima po karo.Vaikai  Ada ir Do